It is the leading company in southern Europe in the production of berry concentrates and purées and has been awarded by the Joly Group and CaixaBank.

Lepe, 27 June 2024. The chairman of HUDISA, Antonio Tirado, has received the award for Excellence in the Agri-Food Sector and has done so on behalf of the workers and more than a thousand farmers who make up the company from Huelva. This award values innovation in its activity, product design, and production processes, as well as the company’s capacity for internationalisation and development over the last three years, not only in terms of sales volume but also in terms of technological and environmental advances.

HUDISA, the leading company in Southern Europe in terms of the quantity of processed berries with a production potential of more than 20 million kilos/year and a daily capacity of 350,000 Kg, has its headquarters in Lepe and from there exports its three product lines to 30 countries: conventional, baby food and organic.

As Antonio Tirado emphasised, since 2002, the company has been making progress, especially in the last eight years, and all this is the result of “the sum of talents”. Yes,” Tirado emphasized, “we are the leading company in Southern Europe in berry purees and concentrates, and this is precisely what drives us to improve every day and to anticipate the expectations of all those who place their trust in us: our growers and our clients who are in more than 30 countries on five continents. A job that is carried out every day by more than 90 people in the company”.

In his speech of thanks, Antonio Tirado also pointed out the efforts being made in the company in terms of quality and food safety, as well as in areas such as innovation, the environment, and sustainable practices.

Aware that sustainability has to be one of the essential pillars of the company, for years it has been incorporating environmental, social, and good governance criteria in the development of the industrial activity, seeking a balance in the various aspects of the organisation, both human, material, financial, and natural resources that give life and are at the heart of the activity it carries out.

The essential concept is to integrate sustainability into the business strategy not only because it complies with the most demanding environmental regulations and standards, but especially because it generates numerous benefits for customers, suppliers, investors and society in general.

In this sense, and following protocol in terms of environmental sustainability, a photovoltaic self-consumption plant of 612 modules of 455Wp has been installed on the roof of Hudisa’s factory. In this way, the installed peak power of 278 KWp generates 399 MWh annually and a saving in CO2 emissions: 93.25 Tn/year.

In addition, the commitment to photovoltaic self-consumption, which has been developed through the self-consumption mode “without dumping surpluses”, has incorporated an intelligent anti-dumping device, which instantly regulates the power generated by the solar panels between the two connection points and the power consumed by the entire plant, with the aim of not injecting energy into the grid.

And it has installed economisers to optimise energy consumption to reinforce the strategy of reducing the carbon footprint and thus further lowering the environmental impact of the activity we carry out. All this without forgetting the measures to reduce the water footprint by more than 50%. Water is a crucial resource, so having calculated the water footprint allows Hudisa to know where and when water is used in its processes and thus reduce costs, while also improving and benefiting the environment.


Hudisa started its activity in 2002 and is located in the heart of the province of Huelva. Hudisa is the result of the effort, business vision and vision for the future of the 19 most important berry-producing cooperatives, vertically integrated in the processing of industrial fruit.

Hudisa processes and markets strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and blueberry purees, concentrates and frozen fruit from the province of Huelva, the largest red fruit-producing area in Europe. It works in three different product lines: Conventional, Babyfood and Organic. Hudisa is currently the leading company in southern Europe in terms of the quantity of processed berries with a production potential of more than 20 million kilos/year and a daily capacity of 350,000 kg. It is present in more than 30 countries and on 5 continents.