It is the leading company in southern Europe in the production of red fruit concentrates and purées.

• Obtains the highest rating, AA+ in BRC Food (British Retail Consortium), a worldwide certification for food quality and safety.

• It also achieves the highest qualification, Higher Level in the IFS Food certification (The International Featured Standards).

Lepe, 26th June 2023. As a result of continuous improvement and investment in quality and food safety processes, Hudisa has managed to position itself at the top of the food and fruit processing industry. The company from Lepe has obtained the highest qualification in two of the most demanding certificates in terms of food quality and safety: AA+ in BRC Food & Higher Level in IFS Food. Under these acronyms are two of the most sought-after audit tests for companies in the global food industry, not only because they are the most demanding, but also because passing their demanding audits leads to a place on the Industry’s podium. HUDISA has achieved the highest rating, AA+ in BRC Food (British Retail Consortium), a worldwide certification for quality and food safety. HUDISA is the only Spanish fruit purees and concentrates company that currently holds this rating, and on a European level, there are only two companies in our specialisation area that hold this rating. BRC Food is an internationally recognised food safety and quality standard for the food industry, created by the British Retail Consortium (BRC), for retailers and supermarkets to qualify their suppliers and ensure the guarantee of their food safety, quality and legality. HUDISA has also obtained the highest qualification, Higher Level in the IFS Food certification (International Featured Standards), which is a worldwide certification for Food Quality and Safety.

IFS Food (International Featured Standards) is an international standard for assessing the product and process compliance in relation to food quality and safety. It applies to suppliers at all stages of food processing after the agricultural stage. Both standards are recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative. HUDISA, in addition to AA+ rating at BRC Food & Higher Level at IFS Food, has internationally recognised high food safety accreditations: SGF, CAAE, HALAL, KOSHER, FDA. Over 1,000 farmers who are part of Hudisa know and create the necessary conditions to obtain the best fruit and HUDISA strives to establish all the necessary processes to guarantee food quality and safety, without any environmental impact and protecting workers’ health, safety and well being.


Hudisa began its activity in 2002 and is located in the centre of the province of Huelva. Hudisa has emerged from the effort, the entrepreneurial vision and of the future of the group of the 19 most important red fruit producing cooperatives, implementing a vertical integration in the transformation of industrial fruit. Hudisa processes and markets purees, concentrates and frozen fruit from Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries and Blueberries with origins in the province of Huelva, the largest red fruit producing area in Europe. And it works on three different product lines such as: a conventional line, Organic and Babyfood. Avocado and pomegranate have also been included. Hudisa is currently the leading company in the south of Europe in the quantity of red processed fruit with a potential productivity of over 20 million kilos/year and a daily capacity of 350,000 Kg. It can be found in more than 30 countries and on 5 continents.